Sunday, March 1, 2009

Top Ten Reasons to Give Up Photography

Secrets behind mannequin photography

At times this has been so true for me.

1. You have looked at your income for the last month. You made a grand total of 24 cents. You think next month you might be able to afford a cup of coffee at McDonalds.

2. You are looking at that new lens you want which costs 700 dollars.

3. The last income you made the previous month was 50 dollars because of a copyright infringement settlement. You think that will show them.

4. You have two cars that are not going anywhere. Both need repair. To get one on the road will cost over 800 dollars. You wonder what locations I can reach by city bus.

5. A publisher contacts you. They really love your work. Unfortunately, they have no money to offer you for publication. They tell you it will be good publicly.

6. You won that Photo Contest last year. Nearly four thousands dollars in prizes. Some things you can't use. Now, the tax form comes. You thank God you didn't win more.

7. You did enjoy a good T bone steak. Now you think hot dogs, beans and rice are just dandy and should be everyone's special Sunday Dinner.

8. You go in a gallery and ask them if they would like to see your work. They say they only handle artists. You think I am an artist and walk out the door.

9. Someone tells you your photography is really great. Then asks. "What kind of camera do you use?" You begin to wonder what type of typewriter Hemingway used.

10. You drop your camera. The repair bill is going to be over two hundred dollars. You think forget the McDonald's coffee you are going to save up for repairs starting with that 24 cents.


  1. Thanks for the comment, I think that many of us as dedicated photographers can relate to this.