Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ten Top Burma Signs To Your Gallery

At the Natural Bridge Speedway

When I was young I always enjoyed seeing Burma Shaving Signs on the way to a destination. On the Internet highway you can use the same technique to draw people and perhaps customers to your Art and Photography. Here are Ten ideas using my site as an example. These ideas may not be new to you, but just be a reminder of things you can do:

1. Sign post ahead: Develop many portals through the internet that lead to your site. Here is an example of one portal I use. I have about ten more on different blogging platforms to increase the reach to my customer base. And yes, Photo Top Ten is one.

2. Always explore new places to place your signs. Social Networking is great to focus on the clients who may use your work. Twitter may prove to be a great resource.

3. Always explore the content of others on as many sites as possible. Be diverse and make sincere comments on their posts. Be sure to leave a link to your site. You may draw traffic from the owner and those that visit their blog or site. Sincere and honest comments are the best. If you do not have something good to say don't say it. An example. I leave 4 or 5 comments a day as the last thing I do before I go to bed.

4. Take an active part in the sites of others. Creating sign posts to you gallery and leaving good content will help you built respect among potential customers.

5. Get exposure in the local print media such as local Newspapers. Having exposure there may help potential clients find you.

6. Welcome when others want to blog about your site. Particularly when it may lead to other potential clients you may not have targeted.

7. Be active in local forums let people know about you. They may even feature your pictures in a picture of the day section.

8. Use meme sites such as Stumble Upon to direct others to some of your best work. Be sure to look at the work of others and give thumbs up to their sites. This has been so valuable to me I installed their tool bar.

9. Use tools like Google Touch Graph to get a visual read on your linking progress and discover new sites that you may develop more sign posts.

10. Whenever you explore and surf, think sign post and put your burma sign there along the way.

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