Thursday, March 19, 2009

Top Ten Things to Monetize your Photos

The eye of the tiger

1. Remember the idea emotion not emulsion. “Kodak sells film, but they don't advertise film. They advertise memories.” This thought from Theodore Parker is a good reminder of how you should approach photo sales. The more a photograph means to someone the more it is likely to sell. People connect sentiment with photos and this should not be lost to the photographer. A personal approach with all of your clients should be one of your highest priorities. Wedding and event photographers have captured this idea intently.

2. Do what ever it takes to make sure your site is personable and friendly. Some gallery sites I have seen show the pictures, but do they show your character. Let people develop a sense of you by being as sincere and honest as you can.

3. Use Twitter. If you do not have a Twitter account you should have one. Networking with potential customers can add a positive impact on your sales. Follow me if you like. Besides photographers, I try to network with possible clients and users of photography.

4. Make people aware of your reputation. This can be accomplished with an about page. It is your resume be honest and do tell them about your accomplishments. Attribution is an important factor in making sales.

5. Once you have a client continue to follow up with them. You should not do this to the point of being obnoxious but to a degree to show them you care. Sometimes I will send them a gift out of the blue, just to let them know I am still thinking about them.

6. Make cards and postcards. I find these are big sellers when you exhibit your work. It can make the difference between a flop and a success. You can capitalize on the impulse buyer who may not want to spend on a signed limited edition print. I make mine at Zazzle were sales from online offset my costs for what I offer at exhibits.

7. Folding cards and stamps. These could be particularly useful for Wedding photographers. You can make customized Wedding invitations with stamps at Zazzle.

8. Make calendars. I make calendars for both promotion and for sales. I like QOOP for their nice large linen calendars, and Zazzle for the smaller calendars I offer.

9. Tell people about the promotions that your third party sellers are offering. For the next two days Zazzle will be offering a half off promotion on posters, if you enter this coupon on check out ZAZZLEPOSTER. Zazzle offers frequent coupons that can really cut your costs. And, they are also great for your customers.

10. Enter contests. When you win contests it reflects positively on your ability as a photographer. If you do not win, look at the winners what did differently. Not only does this improve your photography it helps you to be known in wider circles.


  1. Those are great ideas. I seriously never thought of selling things like postcards and calendars. Thanks for the advice to everyone!

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