Sunday, March 22, 2009

Top Ten Dangers in Photography

car 12 spin out

Getting that shot can be more dangerous than you think.

1. Photographers are risk takers there is no doubt about it. Somethings if we were saner we would think is the shot really worth it. Below is a a short slide show showing one of the dangers I have faced in getting that shot. A ton and half of car was spinning out of control toward me. The car ended up five feet from the unprotected spot were unperturbed I continued shooting.

Its not really bravery perhaps more like stupidity. And, I will be there through out the season getting more shots like these.

2. I did not take this photo and the larger version can be found here. Wonder what was on the photographer's mind when he was snapping this raging bull.

Orchard Mountain Falls.

3. Here is an account of a photographer breaking his leg doing a landscape shot. It reminds me of the time I took this shot and landed flat in the creek, miles from any road or even a trail. It could have been months before anyone would have found me, as it was I did limp the five miles back successfully.

Snake in the Grass

4. In May I will be leaving to go on a photo shoot in the Midwest, including Yellowstone and other national Parks. I hope to get some nice shots of grisly bears. It is my intention to do this as safely as possible, but... I am always looking for that spectacular shot. Here is an account about photographers who met their untimely fate photographing bears. I will try to keep that in mind, but I do have a tendency to get a little too close to wildlife.

5. Combat Photography was and does remain one of the most dangerous occupations. This picture is from an army obstacle course used for training in WWI. The article (a history of combat photography) that accompanies the original photo can be found here.

6. And another video to remind me to be careful when taking those racing shots.

7. If you did choose to be a Paparazzi photographer the rewards might be high, but so might the dangers.

8. You should also play it smart and know your rights as a photographer when facing those legal and illegal challenges when you shoot.

9. And even if you know your rights as a photographer don't think it protects you against someone who just does not want their photograph taken.

10. Finally the biggest risk we all face as photographers is a hard drive failure. Make sure you have back ups of all your work. The risk you take out in the field getting that shot may be lost forever.

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