Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ten Top Essential Photo Promo Tools to Keep in the Car

Looking through Art and Photographs for sale
1. Moo Business Cards: These cards are nice. You can design them with a different picture on the back of each card. Fan them out and let the customer pick the one they like. This is great idea to let the potential client know the quality of your work.

2. Calendars: Keeping your work before the eyes of a potential client year long is excellent way to promote your art and photography. Each month is a reminder to make that contact.

3. Refrigerator magnets: I prefer the small ones with my phone number. Not only will the client see the your picture his visitors will too. They provide a constant reminder of your work.

4. Postcards: I always have on hand a collection of postcards in my car. I have made immediate sales right out of my trunk . And, it may suggest another way a retail agent may sell your work.

5. Portfolios: Nice 11x14 portfolios are great for displaying your work. Nothing says more a large picture that someone can see the quality of your work. This one holds 24 pages and is under 10 dollars.

6. Flip Books: These are particularly nice to keep in your pocket. Having ready access to show potential clients on the fly can make for a great introduction. A great promo tool for about five dollars.

7. Laptop: I use an Asus EEE It is a great little computer with a fantastic battery life. It is small and can easily show your pictures in a great slide show. I particularly like this because it is easy to carry and can be used as photo storage on trips. It is also great for giving your client a preview of what you have just taken. Its about the cheapest laptop and very well made and sturdier than most.
ASUS Eee PC 1000HE 10-Inch Netbook (1.66 GHz Intel Atom N280 Processor, 1 GB RAM, 160 GB Hard Drive, 10 GB Eee Storage, Bluetooth, XP Home, 9.5 Hour Battery Life) Black

8. Note Book: with 8x10s I use these to carry a couple hundred of my photos. Used with a standard plastic slip sheet a simple note book makes a great presentation. I buy sheet protectors at Sam's for about 8 dollars for 200. I have made immediate sales right from the note book.

9. Pencil Pen and note pad: Do I need to say more. I have always regretted when I did not have this on hand.

10. Bumper stickers: Great to put on the bumper of your car, and give to others to do the same. A great way to advertise your craft, and very inexpensive.

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