Monday, March 16, 2009

Top Ten Dumb Photography Questions.

This is the thing

I really enjoyed an article on Wild Shots, and it inspired me to write this.
Really, I am much politer than this when I answer questions. But sometimes I have considered answering like this.

1. Did you use Photoshop? No, that is the raw image out of the camera.

2. Your camera takes great photos what kind of camera do you use? If I put the camera on the ground what kind of pictures would it take.

3. Did you take that picture? No, I copyright everyone’s pictures. Actually, KoKo the monkey took this one.

4. I would like to sell your picture as wall paper can you send me a high resolution image? Sure, as soon as I take some pictures of flying pigs.

5. What camera settings are using? I don’t know I just twist the dials.

6. What is the best picture you have ever taken? The next one.

7. Will you teach me how to use the camera, I have an hour next week? Sure, I can condense everything I learned in 40 years in an one hour lesson.

8. Where do you take such spectacular pictures? Could you move over a second you just blotted out my picture with your face.

9. What type of film do you use? Well, this camera is digital, so I buy it from Polaroid.

10. Do you mind If I borrow your camera, I am going to my school reunion party? Sure, but I require a rental fee of 10,000 dollars.

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  1. There's some real classics in there! Harmsless questions to others, but how much more can we suffer!

    Of course, I have to add one of my own:

    "Are you a photographer?" - In the middle of the town centre with two cameras, several flshguns, a reflector and a model. . .