Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ten funny camera things no one should have.

When I started this I thought what are some of the odd things that I thought would appeal to every camera junkie. Things they would not want to buy. Well, some of those pin hole cameras you make yourself are pretty neat. And, just in case you can't help yourself a few are amazon ads for the addicted. Photographs used in this post are from product advertisements.

1. Right angle lens: A voyeur lens that lets you capture photos at right angles should you really not let people know you are photographing them?

2. Toss and catch camera: Imagine that expression you get when you throw that fast ball camera to an unsuspecting catcher.

3. The third eye skull camera: You must really read the description here of this unusual camera. What frightful looks you may capture.

4. Blackbird Fly camera, non focusing, non metering, and a superior flawed plastic lens. Found in a Japanese catalog without English translation.

5. A Maxwell Smart camera: Not a shoe a book.

6. And another camera to toss: Or you can hang it from a balloon, kite, or a 747.

7. A snap together camera: Tired of those model airplane kits, try a camera kit.

8. Another make your own camera: All you need is a printer and paper folding skills. And they have several designs.

9. Mickey Mouse Camera: for the fun at heart.

10. A digital camera pen: A necessity for the spy in you.

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