Friday, March 6, 2009

Top Ten Sources for Photography

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A list of my top ten photo resources that I use all the time.

Cameta Camera: This is my favorite site for buying camera equipment. Check their eBay store for great deals on factory demos that have been refurbished. I tend to like refurbished better than new, because all the cameras are gone over with a fine tooth comb and re-calibrated. These cameras are in new condition and generally 25 to 40 percent cheaper than retail.

2. Amazon: Whenever I check out Cameta Camera I also check the prices at Amazon. Cameta is an Amazon associate and sometimes you can get the same camera from them there cheaper than you can get one at auction. I like their customer reviews for the best unbiased opinions, but still take them with a grain of salt.

3. Adorama: A great place to shop for camera accessories and for photo presentations supplies. Prices are reasonable and they have a large inventory of everything imaginable about cameras, printing, accessories, lighting and presentation supplies.

4. Newegg: Sometimes the best deals on point and shoot cameras can be found here. I have always had a great experience shopping Newegg for both cameras and computer equipment.

5. Mpix: One of the best places to buy prints online. If you are looking for quality prints on a variety of premium paper Mpix cannot be beat. Their price for metallic paper is exceptional.

6. Flickr camera finder: There are many camera and lens review sites and you can blurry eyed reading the reviews. You also have to think how tainted these reviews are. I use Flickr for a resource to see what is most important. The output of the camera pictures. I also do my lens research on Flickr. I search the lens itself and look at the pictures people achieve. After all, pictures tell more than a thousand words, better than any review.

7. Zazzle: One of the best places to make, buy, and sell photo products. The quality is superb and they have a quick turnaround when products are ordered.

8. Blurb: Blurb makes superior photo books. Their book making software is easy to use and it is great for making books for clients and for books for sale. This would be also a great source for wedding photographers.

9. Picasa: The best free software for organizing your photos. You can quickly locate photos that may have gotten lost in the shuffle on your computer. They also offer some easy non destructive editing software and other perks.

10. Windows Live Photo Gallery: I use Windows Live Photo Gallery to get large resolution pictures to clients. It is also great to use in conjunction with Picasa. I also find their publishing tools very useful in photo uploads.

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