Saturday, March 7, 2009

Top Ten Crazy Things I just happened to Photograph

I started this post with the idea that I would also tell you some of the crazy things I have done to get a shot along with some crazy shots I have taken. Well, just like a kid I started to think of all the crazy photos I have taken. I guess my own craziness will have to wait for another post.

1. This photo got nearly 5,000 views on Flickr. And was done with a super duper 3.2 thousand mega pixel camera. So pardon the quality. I called this competing for the Darwin Awards for obvious reasons.

2. Also from my early days of photography, so excuse the mess. If you have lived in a cave most of your life you may not know that this is Rev. Jerry Falwell's Church. And the Druid Society wanted to make sure their street was clean. When the Church moved I think the Druid group decided they have cleaned up the neighborhood enough.

3. Well, I do not mean to dwell on the religious aspect of Lynchburg. But I did find this guy walking up Wards Road one day. I guess everyone has their own cross to bear. So why not make a public display of it.

4. Again from my early days of photography in the digital age. So again excuse the quality of this point and shoot camera which cost over a thousand dollars and had a magnificent 3.2 megapixels.

Yes, this is an un-retouched photo of a hugh shoe. I just wish I had not lost the picture of the giant lady who died in in a hard drive failure.

5. This is more sad than funny. I took this photo one week before a boy, and maybe this one drown after jumping of the bridge. Oddly, this is the second time that I took a picture before someone drown. The other case was when a boy fell off a boat. I talked to him when he launched their boat. Later that evening I heard of the drowning.

6. Don't you wish you always had a camera when those unusual sights happen? This picture ended up on the cover of Imagine Driven Magazine.

7. Well, Shanti wanted a cracker at the National Zoo. I think she was getting her point across and I do not think this was a planned trick.

8. Yes, another one of those crazy things you see at the zoo. Again, this picture was taken with a low mega pixel camera in the early days of digital. He was giving the hippo a cracker, but I originally named this photo how to become an amputee.

9. Well this Red-Tail hawk is having a nice dinner of squirrel. Then on cue another squirrel just has to take a look and see what's for dinner. I generally use quotations with photos. And found this one pretty appropriate:

“After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations”
Oscar Wilde

10. I was watching for a climber to scale this cliff at Raven's Roost overlook (see the red rope). Unfortunately, he gave up before cresting the cliff.

I was somewhat surprised, and with my heart in my throat, as I took pictures of curious onlookers who stepped out on the edge of the world. This guy almost lost his balance on one foot.

The elevation here is 3200 feet and there is not much in between to break a fall.

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