Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ten Top Cures For Photo Block

A lesson in patience

If you are not out photographing you are not refining your craft. I am amazed at the many used DSLRs out there with a very small number of shutter clicks. In a day I usually do more shots than some people put on their camera in two years. So if you are one of those who has a camera gathering dust, here are some suggestions.

1. Always take your camera with you. Having your camera handy will make you more apt to use it. And, you just might run across that 100,000 dollar shot.

2. Look at the clouds. In photography the sky is not the limit. When you find those beautiful cloudscapes look for a place to take a picture.

3. Go to Parks, Zoos, Events. I am always finding new places to shoot, and returning to places I have shot before. Not only will you have an enjoyable trip you may get some of those awe inspiring pictures.

4. Listen to the Birds. Now, this might seem crazy, but when I hear those birds sing I just have to get out with my camera and spot birds and take pictures.

5. Post a picture a day. No matter what photo sharing network you belong to make it a habit to post a picture every day. For every photo I post I take a hundred. I can take a hundred pictures in less than hour. If I am at an event it is not unusual for me to take 500 pictures in an hour. One of those is likely to inspire me to process the photo. Have a shutter and click it.

6. Take your camera to work. I know some may not be allowed to take pictures at work. But if you can do. And, on the way to from work and at lunch you might find some exciting photo opportunities.

7. Compose pictures in your head. No matter where you are or what you are doing think about how you would compose a shot. If you do not have a camera with you, compose away. And, remember always to have your camera with you.

8. Pick a theme for the day. I am a photo opportunist and shoot whatever I find. Sometimes however I go out in the day and think lets do some macros, or river shots. I use these as guides but this does not limit the subject matter that I might find interesting.

9. Take a ride out in the country. There is nothing like exploring new places. Take that road that you have never been down before. Do some serious exploring, and if you can get lost. I personally find new and interesting sights while lost.

10. Go out on bad weather days. Snow, rain, fog, all make great photo shots. Don't be a sunny day shooter. All days are prime days to take photos.

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