Thursday, March 26, 2009

Top Ten Camera Every Day Tricks


Sometimes, we just think about photographing with a camera as a tool for nature,landscapes, family portraits and professional work. I thought I would share some other ways I use my camera to help myself out in life.

1. Car repairs: Or for that matter anything you take apart and put back together. I use the camera to pictures every step of the way when I take things apart. When you reassemble you have a guide and don't have to worry about which screw went where. I also use the camera to take to auto part dealers to show them the part I need especially if I do not know the name.

2. Reading the fine print: If you are getting old like me some of that small print is just hard to see. Take a picture of it and blow it up. I can't tell you how many microwave dinner directions I have read doing this when I have misplaced my glasses.

3. Finding that small object: Have you ever dropped a small screw and find it as difficult to find as a needle in a haystack? Use your camera to take pictures of the area that the item was lost sit down and blow up your photos searching is much easier this way.

4. Giving someone directions to your house: Send them an email with picture landmarks they can follow. This makes life easier for everyone.

5. Finding things in dark places: Use your camera as a third eye and utilize the flash. Under couches, and in hard places to look. It is much easier to use your camera than crouching down for a look see.

6. Telling someone how to fix the computer: You are at home talking to your friend, and they just can't get what you are trying to tell them what to do. Take a series of pictures and email them how.

7. Borrowing something from someone: Have you ever returned something and someone said it was damaged. Take some pictures of the item before you borrow or rent it, being able to show what condition the item was when you borrowed it can be your best defense.

8. Car accidents: If you unfortunately have a car accident. Be sure to take pictures. Not only might this prove your innocence it may also show that you did not do damage that could have happened later.

9. Your wallet: Take pictures of all the documents you keep in your wallet. If you ever lose your wallet you will know everything that you lost. And it could help you in canceling credit cards and replacing valuable information.

10. Documenting injuries: Sometimes bad things happen to good people. It can be important to document injuries that happened in accidents or other situations. Since injuries heal, it is good to have a photographic record.

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