Saturday, February 28, 2009

Top Ten Ways to Sell Your Art and Photography

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1. Flickr: I am amazed by the number of publishers and other users of photography that find my site and go to the trouble to send me a Flickr mail. Through Flickr my images have found their way on magazine covers, book covers, wine labels and in movie productions.

2. Zazzle: Zazzle provides countless ways to earn money through photo and art products. The best part Zazzle is free. I sell art in my own store. I also use Zazzle to make products that I market at galleries and events. I also love their associates program in which you can offer products sold by others. Major pluses are fast shipping, superior quality and a pleasing gallery.

3. Blurb: I use Blurb for on demand printing. I really enjoy the quality of their books. Not only do I sell in their market place, I have found it useful to sell at events and personalized books for individuals and organizations.

4. RedBubble:
An Australian Company that specializes in quality. I have used RedBubble to make special framed pictures for others who may live thousands of miles away. They also offer contests for their limited edition publications. And, the prizes offered are superb. Take it from a winner, I have had one of my photos placed in the In The Moment publication and received a 100 dollar gift certificate. Its free.

5. Imagekind: Imagekind offers a smooth interface with the Flickr API to put your photography up for sale and they offer excellent quality. You can do a limited number free.

6. Your Custom Gallery: The advantages of having a custom gallery are too great to list. You can offer prints cheaper and have a greater return for your investment than through third party sellers. My gallery was designed by Violetphorg web designers and is based on the Flickr API.

7. QOOP: I use mainly for their superior quality linen calendars. These large quality calendars offer a great presentation for your art and photography. I sell out every December and generally get requests for more.

8. Local Galleries:
It is important to get your art before the public and local galleries. I reduce my time consumption for this by hiring an agent who makes all the arrangements. After all, I would rather be doing my art and photography.

9. Magazines and Advertisements:
This has generally been one of my best sources for income from photography. Generally publishers contact me after seeing my photos on Flickr. Since this has been a good source of income, I am looking for ways to expand my exposure outiside of the Flickr framework.

10. Events: I know many photographers that develop certain niches. Wedding photography has been a staple for many photographers. Yet, there are countless ways to reach the personal interests of potential clients. I photograph at Dirt Track Racing events, and it has been a valuable resource for earning income and having fun.

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