Friday, June 12, 2009

Ten Top Things Photogs Want to Implant in Your Mind

If photographers could control your thoughts:

1. This would look great on my wall. Right above the sofa. It's going right in my shopping cart. It is a sure thing this is going to go up in value. I think I will collect all his art.

2. I would really love this hanging on the wall behind my office desk.

3. I want to put this right on my magazine cover.

4. I think this would work great for an ad for my business. It will pop right off the page.

5. This picture would be great for my announcement. I wonder if he does cards, postcards and matching stamps?

6. My customers would love a calendar like this and it would promote my business for a year.

7. This photo would be a great book cover. I am going to make contact right away.

8. Wow this would be perfect in the movie I am making.

9. I really want this on my business card, people would be sure to keep it.

10. I could surprise my love with a card while I am away so she will think of me.

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