Friday, April 10, 2009

Top Ten Steps: Making a YouTube Slideshow

As a photographer who wants to gain exposure, you might have overlooked the idea of placing videos on YouTube. Here are ten easy steps to make a video slide show on YouTube. Above is my best example of what works best in a slide show.

1. Download Picasa. Picasa is not only an excellent way to organize your photos, it makes making slide shows a breeze.

2. Create an album. This is easy to do, and it does not move your files from their folders. To start just select file at the top of the page then click new album and name your album.

3. Select your pictures. This is very easy. Just right click the photos and the pop up menu will have add to album. Click on the album name and instantly the photo is added to your album.

4. Know how many pictures equals the running time of your video. You can use this as a rough guide. 147 pictures will give you a running time just under ten minutes. To keep your visitors interested I would recommend a running time of no longer than five and half minutes. Just remember YouTube only allows a maximum ten minute run time. For a five minute run time I would suggest around 80 pictures.

5. Arrange your pictures. Remember that pictures can tell a story. Order your pictures in an arrangement that makes interesting transitions.

6. Let Picasa do its magic. Once your pictures are arranged just press the create a slide show. I usually stick with the standard options for this, except I find the pan and zoom transition more entertaining. Now you just have to wait for the movie to be made.

7. Get a YouTube account and upload your video. While uploading, I add in the title and description and tags etc. I set to private, until I am ready to go live. And that happens after I complete the next steps.

8. Add music. Once your video is uploaded and processed on YouTube, you can now add music. Just click the audio swap button and check the box, "Only show songs of similar length to my video." Then preview the songs that are suitable for your slide show video.

9. Go back to edit and make your video public. I wait until the audio is live.

10. Share the fun. I have set up a blog to feature my race track videos, you can also share through the variety of social network sites. And be sure to tell your friends. This is a fun way to promote your photography.

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